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More About Our Village

Below is more information about South Meadow Village, any other questions please call us.


Co-operative Ownership


Age requirement: the age requirement for a buyer is 55+ years old. A second person must be 50 years or older.

These are requirements by the Town of Carver and keep the taxes we pay at a much lower rate. 

Initial Investment: Purchase of a returnable share in the Cooperative Corporation.

To learn more about your initial investment in our Village, Click here.


Maintenance Fee


A low monthly maintenance fee of $350.00 is charged to each shareholder, which covers the annual expenses of the corporation.  

Included in the monthly maintenance fee, expanded basic cable, ( including our own Digital 918 for Village notices ).

The maintenance fee includes trash pick-up, street plowing, water and sewer.

The maintenance fee also includes all assessments paid to the Town of Carver on each mobile home.


Village Configuration


336 acres of oak and pine woodland.

8.3 miles of paved roadways.

522 homes arranged in 59 clusters.

9 homes located in most clusters.




    South Meadow Village Cooperative Corporation is managed under the leadership of our Board of Directors.

As a shareholder, you will vote for the nine directors, including: President, Secretary and Treasurer and on any

significant legislative or fiscal matters that come before the Cooperative. Open meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Shareholders are encouraged to ask questions, give suggestions and participate in the management process.




Street lamps and individual front yard post lights glow from dusk to dawn.

Cluster arrangement assures a natural "neighborhood watch". 

Residents look out for one another.            


Underground Utilities



Expanded Basic Cable.



Private Water Supply


Our own independent water source combines four, eight inch gravel packed wells.

Water is pumped directly from the underlying aquifer.

The water is pumped into the system and a 150,000 gallon gravity tank that pressurizes the system.

PH balance is maintained and water is tested as required to meet EPA standards.


Sanitary Sewerage System


Network of 190 ( 1,000-gal ) septic tanks (one for every two or three homes) flowing to appropriate leaching fields.

These septic tanks are serviced on a yearly basis.  


Community Center & Related Facilities


Handicap-accessible, tri-level recreation and office building. 

Dance floor, kitchen, library, pool room and bingo/card areas.

L-shaped in-ground swimming pool.

Bocce and horseshoe areas.

Separate parking area for recreational vehicles and boats.

Social Association with many residents activities.


House Pets (Cats and Dogs)


Both cats and dogs are welcome, but must be on leash when outside.


Village Staff


Office manager, maintenance foreman and three full time staff. 

Business Office and Sales Office Staff

All our sales agents live in the village and have first-hand knowledge about the village.



Home Financing


Home financing is available for our homes through local banks and financial institutions.

Our sales personnel can help you with suggestions on suitable lenders.


Need some more area information ? Click here.



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